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Caryn Czarnecki

Firefighter's Spouse

Caryn Czarnecki is an elementary school teacher. She’s been teaching for 26 years at the elementary school where she went as a child. First 6 years she taught first grade and the last 20 she has taught second grade. Caryn’s husband of 20 years, Kevin, is a Captain in a Connecticut Fire Dept. with 34 years of service, 27 career and 7 as volunteer. They met at the fire dept 32 years ago.

March 25, 2022

Responder Relationships: Challenges and Solutions

Caryn Czarnecki has been married to a career firefighter for twenty years, and will share the many unique challenges that come with being a spouse of a first responder. We’ll review some of the real life issues faced by first responder spouses, with Linda Rost, LCSW.

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