Whether you are a firefighter, EMT/Medic, dispatcher, in law enforcement, or are a proud supporter, you won't want to miss the next episode of a compelling new podcast called RESPONDER RESILIENCE. This unique and highly impactful web-based talk show interviews some of our community's finest heroes who offer insight on the most critical issues on the job, while providing viewers with a front-row seat on what being a responder truly means.

Recent Episodes

On the next episode of Responder Resilience, we’re joined by Tom Rizzo, Investigations Division Commander and author of the #1 Amazon Best-Seller "Copikaze: A Crucible to Manage Mission Impossible". Listen in as Tom shares his principles of self-discipline and how they can positively impact others. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation.

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Join us in this episode as we talk with Resilience Expert & Author at Pathfinder Resilience, Dr. Renee Thornton, about navigating adversity in the world of public safety. A U.S. Navy Veteran, Dr. Thornton has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies, focusing on improving individual health and its implications on recruiting and retention, risk management, and organizational behavior. Listen in to learn how to decrease the impact of adversity on and off the job, and even before it strikes.

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Join Speaker-Educator-Podcaster Eric Chase of EMSIMPROV on Responder Resilience as he shares how improv can help first responders stay present, improve concentration, and sharpen focus. With his experience in Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, and EMS, Eric will guide you through the powerful tool of improv.

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Join us in this episode of Responder Resilience, as we hear from Jim Marshall, CEO and Cofounder of the 911 Training Institute. Jim specializes in providing science-driven training, tools, and resources that foster the optimal well-being of 9-1-1 professionals. With his expertise, 9-1-1 Professionals can confidently manage calls involving mental crises and suicide. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation about serving the unique psychological needs of the Very First Responders who serve and protect us every day!

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Join us on the next episode of Responder Resilience as we talk with Paul Jockimo, a veteran of 35 years in the fire service and Coordinator of the Westchester-Putnam Peer Support Team. We'll discuss how to support our fellow responders who may be struggling with issues like health, family, depression, or self-harm. We'll also explore taking action when one of our own is having difficulties, and the benefits of Critical Incident Stress Management. Don't miss it!

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Looking to enhance your well-being and job performance? Meet Wendy S. Hummell, a retired Detective, podcaster and Sheriff’s Office Wellness Coordinator who has been teaching yoga, mindfulness, and resilience to First Responders for the past six years. Her mission is to support them with the resources needed to thrive in their career and beyond. Tune in to Responder Resilience to learn more about Wendy's story and expertise.

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About the Hosts

Dr. Stacy RaymondProfile Photo

Dr. Stacy Raymond

Host | Clinical Psychologist | Approved EMDR Consultant

Stacy Raymond is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice for nearly 24 years. She is a trauma specialist and an Approved Consultant in EMDR. The daughter of a retired police officer and US Marine, Stacy dedicates half her practice hours to working with First Responders and Military Veterans. In 2020 she created Responder Wellness Inc—a non-profit charity for EMS, Police & Fire. Stacy co-leads a weekly free Peer Support Meeting for first responders, along with Bonnie Rumilly.

Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW / EMTProfile Photo

Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW / EMT

Host | Licensed Clinical Social Worker | EMDR Trauma Therapist

Bonnie Rumilly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in the treatment of Adults, Adolescents, Children and First Responders. Bonnie worked in Newtown treating Trauma directly after the Sandy Hook School Shootings and is an EMDR therapist. She is a Board Member of the Fairfield County Trauma Response Team, Inc., which treats First Responders for PTSD and Trauma. Bonnie is also a 21-year Emergency Medical Technician, and retired Chief of her EMS agency.

In addition to hosting Responder Resilience, Bonnie co-leads a weekly peer support group for first responders along with Dr. Stacy Raymond.

Lt. David Dachinger (Ret.)Profile Photo

Lt. David Dachinger (Ret.)

Executive Producer | Host

David Dachinger is a retired Fire Lieutenant and EMT with over 21 years as a leader in emergency services. He has written department policy, instructed fire/rescue training, and created fitness and wellness initiatives. As a fire officer, he frequently served as Shift Commander and Incident Commander.

A two-time Grammy Award® nominee, David was a mixing engineer and producer, collaborating on numerous albums with artists such as Roberta Flack, Usher, Celine Dione, and The Isley Brothers.

David has been a survivor of stage IV cancer since 2014. His first-hand experience undergoing cancer treatment profoundly altered the landscape of his life and inspired him to be an advocate for firefighter wellness. He is a two-time international bestselling author featured in Cancer: From Tears to Triumph, and bestselling co-author of the book Live Calm With Cancer (...and Beyond). David and his wife Tamara created the Loving Meditations app, which provides mobile mind-body wellness tools such as meditation and music to elevate quality-of-life for all those touched by cancer, including patients or caregivers.