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Eve Bucca

Executive Director, Stand Fast Alliance

Eve has always been a part of the first responder and military community. Her grandfather, father, and husband were all proud members of the FDNY, and military veterans. She is honored to hold the rank of Honorary Battalion Chief within the New York City Fire Department. Eve was married to her best friend Ron for 23 years. His death on 9/11 is what led to the creation of StandFast Alliance. The lessons he taught and influences he had helped shape the work she and others bring to the organization today. Additionally, she has family and friends in law enforcement and is a military mom. Eve has worked as a registered nurse, licensed massage therapist, and HeartMath Coach and Trainer. From an early age she saw what a difference having a resilient outlook in life made. After the challenges of 9/11, her focus became centered on providing resiliency tools and training to the members and families of the first responder and military community. Sharing what she learned about creating a mindset that responds to challenges as opposed to just reacting to them is her passion. She loves giving back to this community that means so much to her.

January 26, 2022

StandFast Alliance: Empowering Our First Responders

Guest, Eve Bucca, Executive Director, FDNY Honorary Battalion Chief, HeartMath Coach and Trainer

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