Responder Resilience

Innovative Leadership for a Culture of Wellness | S3 E3

We’re joined by Neil Gang, Chief of the Pinole, California Police Department since 2014, who has served in law enforcement for over 34 years. Neil is the author of the Asher Model 7 Point Approach to a Culture of Wellness, and the host of the 6th Pillar Podcast. His innovative work as a law enforcement leader has been featured in several national Police magazines.

We speak with Neil about showing your organization’s members that they’re important, and Neil tells the story of Police Officer Asher Rosinsky, and how he came to create the Asher model. Some of our other topics include: What kind of new leadership qualities are needed to get through these challenging times in law enforcement? Do leaders need to start being transparent and vulnerable, and how can they find help and mentorship to become more effective?

Neil tells us all about the “Zen Den” and the “Smash The Stigma” police vehicle.

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