Responder Resilience

The Connection Between Pain and Trauma | S2 E41

Is there a connection between pain and trauma? How are stress and trauma stored in the body? Many responders are struggling with some kind of emotional pain, substance abuse, depression, trauma and even suicidal ideation, etc. Is it possible to transform that pain into something more positive?

Gabriel Shaw is a former EMT, coach, kinesiologist and tai chi/qigong instructor who works with health professionals who are in pain and feeling overwhelmed, to heal over-giving and find ease and balance - physically, mentally and spiritually. We do this by moving through stress and trauma stored in the body and cultivating functional patterns.

Chronic pain is a complex problem that affects your mind, body, and soul. It is not just about a physical injury. It is about your whole life, your relationships, and your view of the world. It is about how you think and feel. It is about what you believe about yourself and your life. It is about your past and your present. It is about your future.

Gabriel’s mission is to bring people together, on the inside and on the outside, to help us heal and awaken to our true nature. In his previous career, Gabriel worked in emergency services in both field and hospital settings.

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