Nov. 2, 2022

PTSD911: Documentary Film About Responder PTSD | S2 E44

Conrad Weaver, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Podcast Host, Producer and Director of PTSD911

Join us for a deep dive discussion with award-winning filmmaker Conrad Weaver about PTSD 911, a documentary film that follows the lives of first responders, who are suffering from line of duty PTSD. It was created to raise awareness of the psychological issues faced by 
America's first responders and to help remove the stigma that prevents many of them from 
seeking professional treatment.

1. Raise Awareness – Most civilians don’t know or understand the issue of post traumatic stress in first responders. The goal is to educate the viewer and stimulate change in people’s behavior and attitudes toward our nation’s first responders.  

2. End the Stigma – To help first responders realize it’s okay to ask for help. The case studies featured in the film will depict individuals and agencies who are helping their members realize it is ok to raise one’s hand and ask for help.

3. Inspire Systemic Change – No one should get fired just because they are struggling with the traumas they have faced, and have asked for help. The filmmakers want agency leaders to learn how they can implement healthy changes and training within their departments so their members get the mental health help they need and can continue to be productive in their public service to our communities.

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Conrad Weaver

Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker | Podcast Host | Speaker

Conrad Weaver is an Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Podcast Host, Speaker, Producer, and Director with a passion for telling stories that matter. Conrad has been telling stories through documentary films for more than ten years and his films and work have taken him from the slums of Guatemala and orphanages in Ukraine, to the halls of Congress on Capitol Hill, and everywhere in between. Whenever Conrad takes on a film project he dives deep into the culture to get to know the story and become an expert on the subject. His films have won many prestigious awards including a Regional EMMY Award.

With his film PTSD911, Conrad is passionate about Raising Awareness, Ending the mental health Stigma and Inspiring Systemic Change within departments and agencies.